“Working at ICON Pro Studios was a great experience. Bill, Dan and everyone involved took great care of us. The studio is one of the best I’ve seen. It does rock. Me and Vinny, my brother, are planning to come back and record!”

Testimonial Carmine Appice
Carmine Appice
Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Rod Stewart

“This studio really has its stuff together. Quality staff, easy access and if I need to come in ‘under the radar’ with a client there is no drama. Feels like family here!”

Testimonial Garry Buck
Garry Buck
Principal - Monterey International Talent Agency

“I have had the pleasure of rehearsing with my band at Fort Knox Studios and ICON Pro Studios many times within the last year. This is a state of the art facility, with great rooms, great gear and a great staff. I feel it is one of best facilities of its kind… Anywhere!”

Testimonial Michael Angelo Batio
Michael Angelo Batio
Legendary 'Shred' Metal Guitar Virtuoso

``I'd like to say that we (DEVO) had a great experience at FORT KNOX & ICON STUDIOS. The facility is very impressive, the ability to do everything we needed in a pro setting, the access to everything, and an incredibly helpful staff made the entire experience fantastic for us, and I look forward to getting back there again. After touring the extent of the facility and seeing the expansion that is currently going on, I'm very psyched to see what the future holds for them!``

Testimonial Ray Amico
Ray Amico
Tour Manager - Devo, Sublime

``I have had the pleasure of rehearsing and also doing a video at Fort Knox Studios in Chicago. I have rehearsed and visited rehearsal facilities all over the world and Fort Knox is at the top. Besides the sheer size of the facility, the quality of the facility and the equipment they provide is unparalleled. The most important part to me is their attitude to be extremely helpful and provide whatever is necessary to have your session meet your expectations. You need to see this place!!!!``

Testimonial Elliot Rubinson
Elliot Rubinson
CEO - Dean Guitars / DDRUM

“Why would I recommend Fort Knox? They have put in the time to do things right. The facility is quality, the rooms are treated properly, gear repair is on site, and they are continuing to push the standards of quality higher. If you’re a garage band, touring band, producer, engineer, you name it! They have something for everyone. This is an extremely qualified and professional group.”

Testimonial David Payne
David Payne
Sound Engineer / Technician - Sound Image